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I've always been interested in the artistic aspect of photography.
The areas of "conceptual photography", ie a conscious handling of z. B. changed the relation to reality and conveyed a message, a statement by the photographer. I also find the sub-areas of experimental photography, impressionist photography and surreal photography exciting.

My photographic practice stands between street photography, documentary photography and fine art. My work deals, among other things, with the identity of cities and their urban landscapes.



Urbane Natur ist eine Ästhetik, die Fragen nach urbaner Ökologie und Nachhaltigkeit aufwerfen soll. Meine fotografische Praxis steht zwischen Street Photography, Dokumentarfotografie und bildender Kunst. Meine Arbeit beschäftigt sich unter anderem mit der Identität von Städten und deren urbanen Landschaften.

(UrbanNature is an aesthetic that should raise questions about urban ecology and sustainability. Ecological natural aesthetics or urban nature is an aesthetic that is intended to raise questions about urban ecology and sustainability.
The subject of ecological natural aesthetics is the application of its aspects to works of art in which ecological crises are dealt with or the modern growth and profit paradigm is questioned.
Based on this, the ecological aesthetics of nature develops its criticism of the destruction of the environment and demands an orientation towards humane and ecological standards.


Als StreetArt (Straßenkunst) werden verschiedene, meist nichtkommerzielle Formen von Kunst im öffentlichen Raum bezeichnet, die nach der Absicht der Verursacher durchaus dauerhaft dort verbleiben sollten. Unter StreetArt versteht man selbstautorisiert angebrachte Zeichen aller Art im urbanen Raum, die mit einem weiteren Personenkreis kommunizieren wollen. Die engere oder weitere Auffassung des Begriffes StreetArt ist an deren kommerzielle Verwertbarkeit geknüpft. Im Gegensatz zu Graffiti überwiegt oft der Bildteil, nicht das kunstvolle Schreiben/Malen des eigenen Namens.

(Various, mostly non-commercial forms of art in public space are referred to as StreetArt (also: street art, less common because it is misleading, street art; cf. Street art is understood to be self-authorized signs of all kinds in urban space that want to communicate with a wider group of people. The narrower or broader understanding of the term street art is linked to its commercial usability. In contrast to graffiti, the image part often predominates, not the artistic writing / painting of one's own name.)


Street photography is a genre of photography that includes numerous photographers and styles. Generally, this is meant a photograph that arises in urban public space, on streets, in shops or cafes, viewed passer-type groups or individual out, often as a snapshot, but equally essay-like sequence and milieu study.

Street photographers remind us that history isn’t just composed of monumental events, celebrities, and politicians, but of people like us. They capture candid shots of individuals partaking in relatable, mundane activities: walking, talking, and gathering. Across race, class, and age, the myriad subjects of street photography offer a comprehensive study of what it’s like to live at a particular moment in time. Fashions and infrastructures change, but at the core of these photographers’ oeuvres is human emotion and ritual.



All works are produced at GRIEGER International FineArt.


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